Wireless Physiological Monitor for Research

wireless physiological monitor for research
BioRadio in the lab and in the field

wireless physiological monitor

The BioRadio monitor works as a wireless physiological monitor for research software suites such as our BioCapture, VivoSense and your own proprietary tools. Useful in many biomedical applications, the BioRadio is fully customizable inside and out. Hookup is easy and acquisition is streamlined, as you’ll find in tutorials like this ECG Hookup and Acquisition video.

Biomedical Applications

The BioRadio provides reliable, flexible, and wireless physiological data acquisition. When the physiological monitor is integrated with powerful analysis software options, it is perfect for many biomedical applications:

Physiology Signal Monitoring

Combine the BioRadio wireless physiological monitor with any number of our sensors, and researchers are able to measure ECG, EEG, EMG, GSR, SpO2, respiration, force, and more:

wireless physiological monitor