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biomedical teaching labs

The BioRadio Lab Course was developed as a curriculum of biomedical teaching labs for university-level learning. The curriculum is designed to expose students to the experience of human physiological signal acquisition, data analysis, and signal processing for biomedical engineering and clinical applications. The in-lab lessons integrate wireless physiology equipment with hands-on learning through interactive software that educates biomedical engineering and health science students on instrumentation, electrophysiology and clinical applications.

Biomedical Teaching Labs Physiology Equipment

The BioRadio wireless data acquisition system allows your students to use the latest in wireless, medical-grade monitoring equipment. A total of 14 channels provides extreme flexibility in data recording and offers a great solution for student design projects and research.

Teaching Curriculum

The curriculum spans from introductory concepts of data acquisition and signal processing to applying learned skills in real-world clinical applications. Learn more about the curriculum or try one of our FREE labs.

  • Technology Basics
  • Basic Physiology
  • Advanced Physiology
  • Clinical Applications