Wireless and Mobile EEG Systems

wireless eeg
BioRadio for wireless EEG

The BioRadio physiological monitor provides a standardized method of wireless and mobile EEG physiology signal measurement with a compact amplifier and several options for acquisition and EEG data analysis. Whether your area of interest is psychophysiology, neurophysiology, or evoked potentials, the BioRadio is an ideal solution for wireless EEG research or teaching.

Our data acquisition software applications offer a solution specific to your exact EEG research and analysis needs

Wireless EEG Software Analysis ToolsWireless ECG analysis with VivoSense

The BioCapture software enables you to …

  • Configure the BioRadio for your specific number of wireless EEG measurement channels
  • View your EEG data in real-time and perform analysis functions such as FFT to help differentiate between alpha, beta, theta, delta, and gamma waves
  • Apply custom signal filters, such as band pass, to show frequency bands of interest
  • Export data to .CSV file format for import into third party applications, such as LabVIEW or MATLAB, for custom analysis
  • An available Software Development Kit allows for development of real-time EEG measurement and analysis applications

BioCapture Pro provides tools to …

  • Collect data in real-time from the BioRadio EEG amplifier
  • Provides both real-time and post acquisition wireless EEG analysis
  • Simultaneously collect EEG data from multiple subjects
  • Real-time video or visual synchronization
  • Perform Fourier analyses and various power calculations
  • Detect waveform bursts, ERPs, and evoked potentials
  • Event- or spike-triggered averaging

Wireless EEG Analysis – Automated

The Vivosense software can …

  • Directly import BioCapture EEG data files
  • Alpha, beta, theta, delta, and gamma wave detection
  • Quantifies the strength of EEG data in selected frequency bands
  • Automated and manual artifact management
  • Graphically integrate EEG measurements with other collected metrics