Mobile & Wireless ECG Systems

The BioRadio physiological monitor is a compact, wearable monitor that provides a standardized method of wireless ECG and mobile ECG measurement. Featuring a compact amplifier and several options for acquisition and ECG analysis, the BioRadio captures reliable and accurate data for use in a variety of applications, including human physiology labs, exercise physiology monitoring, or clinical trials. Easy to set up and use, the BioRadio is a versatile and adaptable solution for mobile and wireless ECG measurement.


ECG Software Analysis Tools

Using the BioCapture software, you can …wireless ecg signal monitoring

  • Configure the BioRadio for your specific number of wireless ECG measurement channels
  • View your ECG data in real-time and perform analysis functions such as FFT or view ECG signal amplitude over different time intervals
  • Apply custom signal filters and add event markers
  • Export data to .CSV file format for import into third party applications, such as LabVIEW or MATLAB, for custom analysis
  • An available Software Development Kit allows for development of real-time ECG measurement and analysis applications

Automated ECG Analysis

Using Vivosense software, you can …wireless ecg data analysis

  • Directly import BioCapture ECG data files
  • Multi-channel QRS detection
  • R-R interval tachogram from detected R-waves
  • Automated heart rate variability analysis over time
  • Automated and manual artifact management
  • Graphically integrate heart rate variability with other collected metrics such as respiration

Using BioCapture Pro, you can …

  • Collect data in real-time from the BioRadio ECG amplifier
  • Provides both real-time and post acquisition wireless ECG analysis
  • ECG waveform analysis and extraction of P, QRS, and T wave components
  • Automated heart rate detection and averaging
  • RR, PR, and QT interval extraction and analysis