BioCapture™ Pro Software

BioCapture ProThe BioCapture™ Pro physiological research software empowers the BioRadio’s innovative bioinstrumentation hardware and transducers with a flexible, yet powerful platform for data acquisition, experiment control, data analysis and data management. Rather than having separate devices feeding different software tools to record various types of physiological signals, BioCapture Pro can process any physiological signals necessary for a particular study including any combination of EEG, ECG, respiration, spirometry, oximetry, EMG and more.

This flexible physiological research platform makes it the ideal option in research studies for exercise physiology, cardiopulmonary, neuromonitoring, in addition to pre-clinical or clinical work.

We have partnered with DataWave Technologies®, the recognized leader in data acquisition and analysis software, to incorporate the advanced software package, SciWorks™ CM in to our BioCapture software. This asset provides sophisticated data acquisition, experiment control, data analysis and data management, without the need for any additional programming.

Software Features

Experiment Design

Easily create customized experiments. The most simple to the most complex data acquisition and analysis experiments are created in only a few simple steps.

Real-Time and Post Experiment Data Analysis

Get both real-time and post experiment data analysis with an extensive and interactive analysis toolbox for analyzing and processing data.

Data Management

Data files, as well as other files, are easily managed using the unique workspace and project oriented environment. The workspace and project environment provide great flexibility and ease of use when working with large data files and unique data types. The graphical view of data files lets you get to the data you need for easy selection and management and for further analysis and processing.

Data Export Capability

Data can be exported to ASCII format for further analysis in other software packages such as National Instruments LabVIEW™, MathWorks MATLAB® or Microsoft Excel®.

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