WhyNext?2016 Event Brings Parkinson’s Community Together with Great Lakes NeuroTech


VIEW PDF 31 AUG 2016: Valley View, OH – Great Lakes NeuroTech (GLNT) held their 5th annual WhyNext? Event on August 22 focusing on Parkinson’s Disease (PD). WhyNext? brought together the entire GLNT team of engineers, researchers, software developers, commercial and admin with a large turnout of community members affected by Parkinson’s Disease. The daylong event targeted interaction, learning, discussion, and innovation for medical technology.

Each year, WhyNext? targets a specific movement disorder to better understand needs within that community and how technology can meet those needs.  As GLNT gets closer to launching consumer facing wearables and apps in the PD market, this year’s focus reinforced that product development needs to keep the end users at the heart of the process. Biomedical engineer, Jenna Daghstani, organized and lead the event. WhyNext2“I wanted everyone to have the chance to put a face to the people we try to help each day so we are not designing products without understanding the end-consumer.  I also wanted to give the PD community a chance to tell us what they want in technology”.

The event featured a presentation from Dr. Arman Askari on his journey with Parkinson’s Disease, a Parkinson’s Panel during which several community members described their struggles with PD along with the technology they use and want, and a group exercise lead by InMotion [ http://beinmotion.org/ ] which specializes in PD exercise classes. Finally, the day concluded with a design challenge where community members and employees teamed up to brainstorm and pitch a new Parkinson’s technology.  As voted on by the Parkinson’s community, the winning team provided a concept for improving the ability to write during activities of daily living.


With the increasing focus on wearables, WhyNext? demonstrated that the opportunity exists for creating new technology to help with personalized management of Parkinson’s.  “I think it would be great if I could have some sort of objective way to figure out what is a good day and what’s a bad day” said one attendee.   Panel feedback, including “the degree of severity is what I think is missing in my ability to communicate [with my doctor]” helps GLNT build tools to scale care of PD.  “Parkinson’s is not fun and anything they can do to help me keep track of my symptoms would be much appreciated”, said another attendee discussing her experience with PD.  By focusing on input and direct interactions from people with PD and their caregivers, GLNT targets future products to best fit market needs.

GLNT’s Kinesia product line [ http://glneurotech.com/kinesia/ ] offers innovative products for remote monitoring of PD through the use of wireless, wearable sensors and smart phone applications.  The technology has been validated with over 80 publications and has FDA and EU clearance for use.


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