Another Patent Allowance for GLNT

We’ve just received another patent allowance – our fourth in the past eight months – focused on technology for Parkinson’s disease diagnostics and treatment. This latest allowed patent claims cover technology that meets a critical market need for greater sensitivity in tools that measure symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. You can read much more about the patent in the press release.

So, what does this mean?

First, it signals that GLNT is aggressively expanding its intellectual property portfolio in domestic and international markets. But, more importantly, these patents establish market protection for our Kinesia technology and help to fuel continued growth and strategic partnerships. And this gets us closer to our ultimate goal, in the words of Executive Vice-President and General Counsel Brian Kolkowski, PhD, “to be a part of the solution in find improved treatment options, and perhaps one day a cure for Parkinson’s disease.”

This really is a tremendous step for us as a company.

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