Overview: Objective Parkinson’s Assessment with Kinesia HomeView™

Kinesia HomeView™ is an objective Parkinson’s disease measurement system that provides physicians with the resources to assess Parkinson’s disease symptoms from patients’ homes. Capturing objective measures of symptoms at home, where they matter most to a patient, Kinesia helps physicians prescribe more effective treatments and helps researchers understand new treatment responses. With the HomeView system, physicians have the tools to quantify tremor, assess dyskinesia and measure bradykinesia. A small take home kit, including a wearable Parkinson’s monitor and a tablet programmed to a specific patient’s symptoms and treatments, is sent home with the patient to complete different motor tests several times a day. The patient can also enter touch screen diary information about how they are feeling and when medications were taken. Physicians can obtain objective measures via web-based reports including automated severity scoring and videos that show symptom changes during the day in response to treatments such as medication or deep brain stimulation.

FDA cleared to market
Parkinson's telemedicine

Kinesia technology is an FDA cleared to market and CE marked system to quantify motor assessments in the clinic and at home

Telemedicine to Quantify Motor Symptoms