Clinical Trial Efficiency

Objective quantitative endpoints

Providing clinical trial efficiency

Kinesia reports document tremor, bradykinesia, and dyskinesia

Not only can we provide a medical device for objective Parkinson’s disease assessment, we can partner with your team to improve the overall efficiency of your clinical trial and protocol. Through a combination of protocol development, online data hosting, and custom analysis, we add an extra layer of support throughout your clinical trial. Our talented biomedical research team can bring tremendous value to your clinical trial’s planning, execution, and analysis. We have a long history of engaging with clients to customize solutions for their clinical trials and adding significant value to the validation and science.

How We Improve Efficiency

  • Assist in defining protocol technology and quantitative endpoints
  • Online data storage improves accessibility
  • Home-based measurements improve recruitment
  • Documentation for regulatory submissions and claims
  • Custom data analysis for early phase development

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Telemedicine to Assess Tremor, Bradykinesia, and Dyskinesia