Quantitative AssessmentTelemedicine for Parkinsons Disease

Medical Technology

Kinesia’s HomeView and ProView Parkinson’s disease measurement systems provide standardized platforms to assess Parkinson’s symptoms in the clinic and at home. Kinesia’s wearable Parkinson’s sensor and web application provide objective measures through continuous remote symptom monitoring and reporting. Kinesia Applications include patient care via telemedicine, clinical trials, and deep brain stimulation programming.

Clinical Validation

We have partnered with world-renowned movement disorder centers, thought leaders and neurologists to conduct clinical studies validating Kinesia automated scoring algorithms to quantify tremor, measure bradykinesia, and assess dyskinesia. Hundreds of patients have successfully used Kinesia to measure Parkinson’s symptoms in both clinical and home environments.

Latest News

We have been awarded 4 patents in the last 8 months, including claims that cover controlling Parkinson’s therapy such as deep brain stimulation or drug release in response to symptoms. A publication was also recently accepted that compares sensitivity of Kinesia technology to clinician scoring of Parkinson’s for very small changes in symptoms.